6 maneras de optimizar tus publicaciones de blog para SEO

If you have a blog, you probably already understand the importance of business blogs. But do you know how to optimize your blog posts to be more compatible with search engines?

The truth is that many bloggers do not take advantage of the huge marketing potential of their blogs. In fact, a recent study by shows that although approximately 60% of companies have blogs, 65% of blog owners have not updated last year! By providing new and relevant content and performing the basic optimization of blog posts, you can take advantage of the many benefits that blogging offers.

6 ways to optimize your blog posts for SEO

Here are six easy search engine optimization (SEO) tips to help your blog stand out.

1. Do your research . Keyword research is essential for page optimization. Most likely, you are including keywords without realizing it simply by providing valuable content on a topic. However, there are a variety of tools and techniques to find related keywords relevant to your blog post that you may not have considered. The Google AdWords keyword tool and offer excellent tools that allow you to find keywords related to your topic and even spy on your competition to see what words and phrases are aimed at attracting traffic to your sites.

2. Use keywords throughout your post . Once you’ve selected a couple of valuable and relevant keywords, it’s important to place them where they have the greatest impact on humans and search engine crawlers that index their content. Try to include them in the following places:

  • Title
  • Headings and subtitles
  • Introductory phrase
  • Conclusion paragraph
  • Anchor text (the text that links to other related pages on your site)
  • Title tags and meta descriptions

One caveat: do not participate in keyword stuffing, which is the act of filling your content with so many keywords that it becomes difficult to read. Not only will this irritate your blog followers, it will also penalize you with Google. A couple of strategically placed keywords will do the trick.

3. Optimize your images . Every time you upload a photo to your blog, be sure to include keywords in the file name and complete the alternative text field with a brief description of the photo, rich in keywords.

4. Reference to others with links . When you mention another blogger or article in your blog post, include a link to the information you are referring to. Not only is it a good blogging tag, but you can also get lucky and receive a return link. Quality links are a valuable asset for any site that searches for a higher rank on search engine results pages.

5. Give readers the opportunity to subscribe to your blog . Include RSS or Feed subscription buttons placed prominently and offer viewers the ability to subscribe to their posts by email whenever possible. This allows fans of your blog to receive instant notifications of their latest posts without having to periodically review your site to see if there is new content.

6 ways to optimize your blog posts for SEO 1

6. Use social networks to expand the reach of your blog posts . As a small business, you may be using Facebook, Twitter, Google+ or other social networking sites to create connections with current and potential customers. Why not promote your blog content on these sites for more exposure on the web? Free programs like Hootsuite make it easy to post links to your latest blog post on all your social networking sites with just a couple of clicks. You can even schedule your posts ahead of time!

By following these simple SEO tips, you can encourage higher rankings in SERPS, higher web traffic and higher customer conversion rates.

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