A fungus causes orgasms in women by just smelling it

A fungus causes orgasms in women by just smelling it - Ciencia

A fungus causes orgasms in women by just smelling it

That’s right, a Hawaiian mushroom from the Dictyophora family, a family of mushrooms that is very popular in China, is capable of inducing spontaneous orgasm in women by just smelling it. With just bring the nose a few inches to the fungus, will have an orgasm. Specifically, this fungus is a Dictyophora of the Phallaceae family.

How does it work?

It gives off a fetid aroma, unpleasant for man, but which provokes pleasurable sensations in the woman capable of inducing a spontaneous orgasm. It does not occur in all women, but according to the study of its discoverers, John C. Holliday and Noah Soule, published in the Journal of Medicinal Mushrooms, and that has recently been publicly published by the British newspaper The Independent, up to 37% of the women experienced multiple orgasms while «enjoying» the fetid aroma that the mushroom gives off.
In total, the study was conducted on 16 women and 16 men.
The 16 men despised the odor by pestilence, while 6 of the women experienced spontaneous orgasm, and the remaining 10 had excitement and increased heart rate, although they did not reach orgasm.

Scientific evidence?

The explanation is, according to its discoverers, in the hormones that have the spores, and that have certain similarity with the chemical neurotransmitters that are released when practicing sex.
The funny thing is that the men experienced an unpleasant smell, said similar to that of rotten meat.

In this way this mushroom, whose physical appearance is strange in itself, with phallic form (hence the Phallus family) when deploying the hat is orange and its white peduncle, was already famous among Hawaiian mahoríes for its aphrodisiac power with women.

Now, since you are sure you are looking for a way to get this mushroom, the study has been criticized and there has been controversy with the conclusions. The motives? The sample is too small, and was only performed under specific conditions, without clear evidence that it produced orgasms. But what was most criticized was that the research was financed by a leading pharmaceutical company in products of the «love market».

Do we believe it? I would try if I had a Phallus in my hands … how bad that sounded!


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