Adoctrination Of The Cuban Society

Adoctrination Of The Cuban Society - Sociedad

When we were born, we did not choose our values, the language or the country where we live, and everything is created. Through repetition we learned everything, to behave in society, which is acceptable and which is not, which is good and bad, beautiful and ugly, and everything was created for you to insert yourself into it. When we went to school we paid attention to everything the teacher told us and that dynamic was repeated in our homes with mom and dad, so we learned to also get attention to believe, starting with language, in this way is prepared for understanding of the rest of the things that will make us repeat day after day until we get to turn our mind into a copy of our ancestors.
As soon as we learned all the values that the system taught us through our parents and school teachers, we believe it, we can call that security or confidence, in this way we dominate our beliefs. At that age, everything that adults say is believed, and as we mature those values control our lives. We did not choose those values and although we rose up we were not responsible enough to convince our tutors, without realizing we were being domesticated like an animal. Although many do not agree with our children, we love them so much, we domesticate them with a system of gifts and punishments: If you do what I ask I give you a kiss and I celebrate it, on the contrary you do not receive anything but a certain smile and a encourage you to achieve it. We also learn to live in society. We developed behaviors designed by the system with the aim of creating what was called in its time “The New Man”, with those values already experienced by scientists and doctors, schools, television and all means of communication repeated 24 hours a day. day the same issues, becoming ideological instruments.
When we did not do the designed will, we received punishments and awards when we fulfilled it, in this way they taught us to lie, a human resource so as not to be rejected by society. We pretended for fear of being rejected and not being good enough, we became someone we were not, to please the system. In this way we lost all natural resources and then we learned to say NO.
When we become that New Man, then we harbor in our being the fear of punishment, that with which we were taught when we were a child. That indoctrination was so powerful that we no longer need anyone to do that work anymore, it was accepted from generation to generation, and we ourselves indoctrinated ourselves, with that same system with which they taught us. And we go further, we punish ourselves when we do not believe that we are good enough, many times we think that we are not worthy of such or such thing. Because we are not communists or because we have a history. Everything that is designed as a pattern of behavior is fine. If it is broken, it is bad, even if it goes against our own inner nature.
In the period of indoctrination, all the prohibitions and obstacles in society were inoculated in our mind, to the extent that you accept it as normal, everything you hear from your right is; You can not, that’s wrong, be careful with that, this is forbidden. They created a rule in our own mind that judges everything, what we think, feel and do not feel, every time we do something that goes against those rules our inner judge judges us. And it tells us that we are guilty and we need punishment.
Also in this indoctrination we adopt another behavior that we will call a victim which carries the guilt, the reproach and the shame, it is that part that asks for mercy, the inner judge qualifies and assumes that you are not good enough and all this is based on that indoctrination that we never chose or agreed with. When we try to get rid of that straitjacket, we realize that they still control our lives. By resisting change, old emotional wounds open up and we feel fear, the same we experienced when we were children. Everything we learned as children is the truth and if we break those rules it makes us feel insecure. For that reason we need great courage, to challenge the changes. The regime was responsible for teaching us their rules, the same as if we fail to comply make us feel guilty and ashamed of our wrong actions.
But who says it is fair to pay several times for the same error, if we were indoctrinated and it did not work, we already paid for that which was not our fault, it is fair to pay only once, and the human being is the only animal that does it several times, unlike the rest of the animals that do it only once. A government that has not been able to change the evils of years, that does not have the full support of the people, punishes us again and again, as if we were the culprits

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