Advantages And Disadvantages Of Forced And Voluntary Migration

Advantages And Disadvantages Of Forced And Voluntary Migration - Sociedad

Now-a-days, migration has been considered a problem for many nations worldwide, for the simple fact that big cultures feel threatened by foreigners and the fame they bring with them. Just because a culture is well-known for something, it doesn’t mean that all their people is identified with it.

One of the main causes of migration is the problematic situation of the country of departure, this type of cases might be considered forced migration in the sense that the conditions of the country are poor, so people must go if they don’t want to get harmed or affected. On the other hand, migration might be voluntary if someone is travelling in search of opportunities, for example, economic stability or a better quality of life. Migration is not possible for everyone though, migrating cost money, and the better the country the more expensive it would be.

Migration has more advantages than disadvantages, that’s why there are so many people migrating all over the world. The main advantage of migrating is the improvement of the quality of life, even if this is not extremely high in the country where arrived, it will be better than the country of departure. If the goal is to seek new opportunities, this would be an advantage, not just in the professional field, but in the personal too, having new friends and new experiences. Finally, one of the most important advantages is the enrichment of a new culture and the expansion of knowledge, this would be happening, regardless of where someone is headed, because every culture has something to give and to learn from.

Disadvantages may not attract people at first, but if the desire of travelling is too big, this won’t be a problem anymore. One of the main problems of moving to another country is the barrier of language, being uncapable to communicate with almost everyone. Not all countries are hospitable to migrants, this means that xenophobia might be present, and so do discrimination, this is not suitable for people moving to these countries. Shortage of labor supply, or unemployment could be a problem is seeking job opportunities is the objective of moving to another country. All these problems or disadvantages may not be taken into consideration when migrating is the only option.

In conclusion, migration is not an option sometimes, and when it is, getting out of the comfort is necessary to fight against all the barriers that may appear in the way. There are more key advantages than disadvantages, so risking everything to go sometimes is the best idea, or at least what it seems to be.

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