Best Books to learn Spanish

Best Books to learn Spanish - Sociedad

To learn any language we need to work in four skills:

1. Listening

2. Speaking

3. Writing

4. Reading.


I always say “lánzate “ which means “ go for it !” What I try to say all the time is don’t fell shame to speak, trying communicating, doesn’t matter if your second language is not good enough yet you just continuing working on it and try. But, at the same time is good to read, prepare, make exercises. Here is when the two last skills, reading and wringing coming side by side with books.


when we are learning a new language we can find some things are difficult and others easy, but at the end nothing better than comunícate with more people because the language. If you already speak English please learn Spanish, believe me , you will be able to communicate with about the 80% of the population. This are the two more famous la gauge spoken.


In our video today I tell you about the five better books to learn Spanish . I tell you the good and the things are not goo enough, but believe me, those are very good books.


Remember,  on my channel qe we can learn a second language, practice together and also learn about cultural tips, because a language is more than an idiom.


See you on YouTube.


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