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One day my roommate appeared

With a little, tiny dog,

He gave it to me as a present

Because he could not feel his love.


What a beautiful creature!

when I saw him I thought.

I took it and I called

As my new friend “Bud”.


Bud climbed mountains and hills,

It did not matter where,

Who could love me like he did?

I could not choose a better friend.


I had a dream when I was young

Visit other countries on my own,

South America was my goal,

But everything changed with Buddy at home.


I decide to go to Alaska

To find a new place to live,

Buddy went with me so happy

Always following my lead.



Alaska was a hard place

Many things happened to me,

Long, hard and cold days

Something difficult to resist,

But every night when the day ended

And finally, I was able to go home,

I found always Buddy jumping

And his happiness kept me warmth.


For him the yawns were contagious

The oxytocin spiked his veins

“Is time to sleep, come to my bed

And take your place” I always said.


His patience was infinity

Like was for me his love,

Maybe he could feel his sickness,

But in my case, I could not.


He was so brave until the end.

I had to put him to sleep,

Tears of love and a hard pain

Broken my soul in million bits.



Good bye my friend, good bye my dog,

You took with you part of my heart

I cannot forget so loyal partner,

A buddy like you not everybody can have.


If all the dogs go to the heaven

All my live I will be good!

So, the day God call me to his presence,

At the same place I will find you!



To my husband, Matthew Esposito, with love.








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Rosa León Fandiño

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