Dear Dictators

Dear Dictators - Política

Sometimes we want to reason our actions when in reality we are justifying it, any violent act can be recognized as something good. In fact, the greatest genocides in history have been perpetrated in the name of some “noble cause”.
Today I will describe a social experiment conducted by Professor Ron Jones, which shows how a totalitarian system and in fact a dictator arises.
This teacher decided to perform an exercise where the grades would be collective and everyone would get the same grades. Some agreed, others not at all, but in the end everyone accepted.
On the first day, the teacher explained that they had to comply with certain rules of discipline such as sitting with a straight back or standing up when answering a question, in order to understand the need to honor their social obligations. Among the most relevant practices carried out by the students was that they had to leave and enter the classroom in the shortest time possible, and they did so many times, until the teacher told them that it had been enough. A student approached him and told him that they could still do even better. They all agreed, they got up and did it in record time. It was so that everything began to change for them, their behaviors and way of thinking. An idea was already planted in their minds, and they concluded that by force of the group discipline is achieved, taking as a slogan, In the Union of the Group is the Force.
On the second day, the teacher changed the phrase to another, “Strength Through the Community.” He explained that all together would achieve more things than separately and inserted in the students the idea that the community is more important than the individual. What they did not realize was that working together as a collective or community can work, but it was counterproductive insofar as it isolates man and makes him less important, with a total lack of power. The teacher thus demonstrated that it is easier to manipulate a collective than to each individual separately, since they themselves are a factor of influence among the rest, which facilitates the control of the one who directs or commands. Other issues such as having the same greeting and wearing the same type of clothes also contributed greatly to the reinforcement of the doctrines, while the practice of marching in unison made them feel stronger and stronger.
To achieve other patterns of behavior the teacher distributed some forms that according to him would be random and personalized. No partner could know the content of the other, but whoever had an X would be the official informant, this would correspond a high level of responsibility. Only the teacher knew that all the tickets had an X.
While the hours passed, this practice was carried out outside the school, the students greeted each other in the same way and defended each other. Students who did not agree or did not comply with the rules, were withdrawn from the trial.
This experiment coincides with the behaviors practiced with the Nazi reality and other totalitarian states of the world, such as Korea, Venezuela, Cuba, Nicaragua and China. That make believe that they have in their power the whole truth and make everyone see that a single idea is shared. If you are not in their favor, you are against them.
For the third day, the teacher detected other students joining this group. Fights were generated. They felt that everyone who generated the fights was wrong and that they were right, everything seemed to them that it was only energy and that everything was fine. Without realizing the teacher counted on guard backs that he had not even selected.
By day four things had gone out of control, the teacher gathered everyone in the room. Outside there was a large crowd of other students, those who believed that it was bigger than they thought. The teacher told them that this was not a game and that at that moment there were thousands of teachers throughout the nation doing the same and that they wanted to join and make a third political party in the country. In addition, he reported that public trials were being carried out to expel those who did not comply with the required standards. There was no internet for that time, so nobody demanded that he show it. The teacher took advantage of this coverage to announce that the next day the leader of the new party would be presented. There was total silence, everyone thought that this was really serious and they could not leave, it was already a commitment.
On the fifth day, the main conference room was ready, there were gathered, photographers, cameramen and journalists, everyone wanted to see the event. The enraged students shouted. “Strength Through the Community”. The teacher went to the front of the room and informed that soon they would meet the new leader. He left the room and d

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