Development Of Thought And Cuban Society

Development Of Thought And Cuban Society - Política

Today, most of us who love Cuba ask ourselves, why is not there a social explosion in this country? In a previous article I had commented that the conditions are created for that to happen, and it will not be because the US makes a media war or exerts another type of influence. He said that the system itself is leading to this outcome. However, we must go a little further back in the history of the personality of the human being, of his creation and development to understand this behavior.
How has the communist regime penetrated the feelings of the people? It has been an arduous task, it has had to spend more than half a century for each individual to realize that their minds changed, their dreams were buried forever and their thinking was implemented a doctrine and a way of being designed and premeditated. Juan Pablo Vallejo, makes a reflection very in tune with the Cuban reality in his article “The Development of Societies”, where he deals with this change caused in the mentality of people and how we are able to adopt very different postures and behavior patterns to our personality
Among other things we can say that we are all born with the ability to dream, but we are influenced by our environment. When a child is born we teach him how to behave like mom and dad do, the child does not choose his values ​​or the society in which he wants to live, they were already there when he was born, therefore, the regime designed a system that guarantees that, to all born, he is inculcated the dreams and values ​​of an indoctrinated society, full of communist elements. After the population grows and reaches the age of majority you have a youth saturated with those values ​​and ready to live in a laboratory community. As children we did not choose the religion, the language or the minimum values, our ancestors did not teach them and they taught us to have faith, which is to have unconditional confidence. That’s how we grew up and that’s how we developed. Now it is hard for us to get rid of something we learned from childhood, not everyone has the ability to renounce those doctrines, not all can get rid of the confidence impregnated by generations, but we are courageous, just and for the love of ours we will persist in the attempt to win that battle.

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