Female ejaculation Myth or reality?

Female ejaculation Myth or reality? - Salud

Female ejaculation Myth or reality?

In pornographic films, it is common to see a scene, much sought after by the public of this type of films, in which female ejaculation gains prominence. An outbreak of liquid as a source accompanied by moans, tremors and convulsions, which soon make us know that she is having an orgasm.
Orgasm is very common in real life, outside the movies, but what about female ejaculation?
It is more difficult than in the cinema, and in fact, there is still controversy in the scientific community about the reality of this fact.

If we had to define what a female ejaculation could be, we would say that it is a paraphenomenon of the female sexual response, in the same way that occurs with sweating or intense muscular contraction of the pelvic floor at the moment of orgasm, as indicated by some sexologists.

However, the fantasy image of the cinema, in which such ejaculation occurs in large quantities, with jet ejections of a transparent liquid that can fill a glass, is unusual, but not non-existent. It is thought that in rare cases in which a woman ejaculates a large amount, it may be due to congenital causes, in which the glands are larger and generate more, but never as in the movies.

What is the liquid of the female ejaculate?

It is thought that the fluid accumulates, generating, as the excitement occurs in the woman, and it is precisely with the orgasm when the vaginal contractions help to expel the secretion.

It is believed that this fluid is generated in the place some call «the female prostate», which is composed of the urethral glands, paraurethral and Skene’s duct.
Therefore, this liquid is not urine or lubricant, and is odorless, colorless and insipid.

It is an aqueous liquid, with a composition similar to that of men, which is composed mainly of prostatic acid phosphatase and glucose. It differs from the vaginal discharge in that it is only expelled during very pleasurable sexual relations, say in orgasm.

How to get female ejaculation?

Stimulating the paraurethral area. Although there are no concrete methods to achieve this, it is thought that the more the paraurethral area is stimulated, and the more excited it becomes, the easier it will be to obtain an orgasm accompanied by the long-awaited female ejaculation.
The place where it is located, parallel to the vagina, about two centimeters from the entrance of the vagina, and usually associated precisely with the area of ​​point G.

If you are able to excite the G-spot, you will be able to achieve an orgasm with female ejaculation.

Although it is thought that it is possible to ejaculate without having an orgasm, it is known that it is rare and that the female ejaculation is more intense the more intense the orgasm is.

How It feels?

The sensation transmitted by women who have achieved a female ejaculation with orgasm is that of wanting to pee at that moment. In fact, some women think they are urinating during relationships, or after relationships.

If the woman does not stop the desire to urinate, for fear of urinating, get ejaculation. Worse in most cases they slow down that feeling.

Finally, all women are able to generate an ejaculation, although most are not aware of it, and do not know how to get it. In some cases, the fluid from the ejaculate is directed towards the vegiga, and then it will be expelled along with the urine without even knowing the woman. This is called female inward ejaculation.

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