George Orwell’S “Politics And The English Language” Essay

George Orwell’S “Politics And The English Language” Essay - Política


George Orwell’s “Politics and the English language” Essay

George Orwell talks about how malicious language tendencies are gaining power in the actuality, and how these tendencies could be avoided if people take time to do so. The problem is that the purposes of the sentences are disappearing, because the sentences have lost their sense of seriousness. These tendencies aren´t okay for the language, because they make our thinking look foolish and with lack of meaning. I support Orwell in the sense that language is the base of our thinking, so If we don’t have a proper way of communicating, following every rule any language has, our thinking would be vague and uncomplete. However, I totally agree with him, when he says that the process is reversible and opened for change. How we adopt tendencies or bad habits regarding language has to do with the context we were raised in, this means that each person will have different errors that should be changed, for getting a total control of their mind and their thoughts. Even though this process looks easy to correct we must consider the total amount of people who speaks each language and how their tendencies are influenced by their culture, I think this would be the biggest and most important concern of Orwell, how to change it.

Orwell talks about how the trends in language undermines the political process and allow the State to manipulate and repress people with pleasant words, so the nation don’t even realize what’s happening in the country. I think that this has become a reality not just for a certain country, but for the whole word. Politicians often use the manipulation of language to get what they want, and in my opinion that is not wrong, what’s wrong is that people do not realize what they are trying to do and respond.

Dressing up the violence in a country is one events that Orwell doesn’t like, I do not support him with this idea, I think that the politicians do not have the fault, but the people. This happens because as he said, the language and the mind must be connected, you cannot think something clever if you don’t know how to portray it or say it. This is what differentiates us form the politicians, their thoughts and language are connected, and this makes them manipulate us in an easy way, while we, the people can’t do so, not because we don’t want to, but because we don’t know how to.

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