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Global issues are affecting the entire world nowadays, and most of them are far for being solved, this means that a country by itself cannot end with any of these problems and needs support from other countries to stop experiencing harmful matters. The purpose of this research is to find the causes that provoke these problems and the effects they produce in the whole world and in societies. Four global issues were chosen: Arm trafficking, drug trafficking, chemical weapons and offshore taxation haven. Providing possible solutions and showing the harm and consequences they provoke to the whole world are the reasons of choosing these issues.

The first global issue is: chemical weapons, “chemical used to cause intentional death or harm through its toxic properties. Munitions, devices and other equipment specifically designed to weaponise toxic chemicals” (OPCW, 2019). Chemical weapons are mainly created and used by people who have intentions to harm another party, or at least to be prepared to counterattack if they are threatened. People that are in charge of developing these weapons and using them do not realize the effects this can produce, these weapons can make any place inhabitable, can cause a big number of deaths and the feeling of being feared by any other civilization, maybe that’s one of the causes that make people use them, they want to be feared. There are many types of chemical weapons: Toxic, which make people die and migrate when it is produced in large scales, mass- control, which were created to stop riots and have control of certain amount of people, an example of this can be the mustard gas, which was created in the II World War to stop the enemy, and bacterial, which are able to cause infections, thanks to the microorganisms. All these types of chemical weapons have one thing in common, and that’s that people might get hurt if inhalation or skin contact is present. In few words, chemical weapons are intentioned to harm people, and these don’t care about the future effects this might produce, they can even produce future wars around the world.

Chemical weapons are not the only global issue related to arms. Arms trafficking, a billionaire business is causing series of deaths all over the world. “Referred to generically as illegal arms trafficking or gun running, the act of unlawfully receiving, possessing, or transporting firearms or ammunition” (Mayberry Law firm, 2018). These illegal arms are used for illegal purposes, mainly attacking or killing people and this just cause human suffering and provoke terror among populations. People who possess these kinds of arms just seek to do a profitable business by reselling them or seek to repress people for reasons that sometimes don´t even make sense. Governments are unable to handle this problem, for the simple fact that they do not have control of all the arms made, so they cannot have control of their use. This just provoke an illegal market, that makes billions of dollars every year all around the world, this also promotes crimes, if people are able to buy any kind of weapon for a certain price and with no requirements they will do it, and some of them might use them for illegal purposes. This is like drug trafficking, a perfect but dangerous business for those who seek to make big amounts of money fast. The act of trafficking arms is a big problem, not just because it is illegal in most countries, but because it puts in danger citizens of all over the world.

People who have lots of money, they could have gotten it from arm trafficking or not, but most of them like to go to countries where the taxation is low, almost free. “Tax haven is a country that offers foreign individuals and businesses little or no tax liability in a politically and economically static environment” (Kagan, 2018). Offshore taxation havens are a big problem. Rich countries that have high taxation lose investors every year, because they rather get more money having it in a country with lower taxation than losing millions of dollars in the country where they live. Of course, this makes countries with higher taxation compete with countries with lower taxation, so they do not lose “clients” or investors, this force them to lower their taxation. If countries do not start to do something, they will lose budgetary revenue, on the other hand, countries that offer lower taxation can increase their budgetary revenue.

Arm trafficking is not the only illegal way of trade, it also exists drug trafficking. A very profitable business, which puts many people in danger every year. “Drug trafficking is a global illicit trade involving the cultivation, manufacture, distribution and sale of substances which are subject to drug prohibition laws” (UNODC, 2019). People start to cultivate and distribute these illegal substances, because they seek to obtain huge earnings, but after a while everything or almost everything is power for them, the most powerful are feared, and that’s what they want. One of the biggest problems this causes, is that populations are starting to consume more drugs, so the number of deaths is increasing radically. Governments cannot control this totally, because it is not a small market, this business is present at least in most parts of America, mainly in the South, and governments rather get big amounts of money, instead of trying to avoid all these deaths. Corruption is not the only problem, gangs that dedicate their time on this often fight each other to demonstrate who is more powerful, the problem is that they do it in front of innocent people, so the nation starts to fear and migrate. Over time drug dealers are the ones who rule the nation, this is what happened in Colombia with Pablo Escobar for example, or even Mexico with “El Chapo”.  Drug trafficking could be over as fast as any government allow drugs, this way the business and drug dealers, will lose their power and would not be required anymore. At first parents, would be worried for the safety of their kids, but there is where the government should help, to regulate the use of drugs.

All these issues are related, they are a debatable matter in most countries, drug trafficking, which refers to the illegal manipulation of drug in countries that doesn’t allow it, chemical weapons, that are often created and used by first-world countries, arm trafficking, which is also related to the government, and their policies on the manipulation of arms and finally offshore taxation havens, that is considered one of the most important problems in economic terms, because countries with lower taxation are visited by companies or rich individuals and countries with higher taxation loses national investment or budgetary revenue. Drug trafficking and arm trafficking could be easily solved, if governments legalise these two, the problem comes, when they don´t know what could happen if they do that, maybe it could bring bigger problems and end with the peace of the country. Chemical weapons are created by the government, so they are the only ones that can avoid them and stop using them, because there are many places that are totally inhabitable for the cause of these, the use of these has reduced lately though. Offshore taxation haven just has two solutions, either the governments reduce their taxation, or they forbid going to other countries to save their money. In conclusion all these topics, can be solved by the government, they have the power to end these global issues, the problem is that is not as simple as it looks because political matters meet at this point.


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