Heroes Of Yesterday And Today

Heroes Of Yesterday And Today - Política


When it comes to defending our beloved nation we can not fail to mention so many patriots who dedicated their time and life to it. There are many who added their will to this social good, some gave their bravery in the jungle, others their intelligence. And it is that each human being is unique, singular. We rarely find someone exceptional, someone special for their students and revolutionaries. This was the case of Félix Varela y Morales, better known as Father Varela, who was a priest, a philosopher, professor and politician. The study of nature was very important for Felix, that of man, essential and that of God, of full obligation. Throughout his life, this extraordinary man built values and undertook actions that made him one of the most remarkable people in the Americas.

He was the first to teach experimental physics in Cuba, being a fervent defender of the experiment in teaching. He was also the author of a physics book in the Cuban nation, and translated into English a book written in English entitled: “Elements of Chemistry applied to agriculture”, by author David Franklin. There is not much talk about their innovations, one of them made evident in the years after 1838, consisting of a wheel that made no noise and preserved the pavement thanks to being covered with a special material. Likewise, he demonstrated an artifact that kept fresh oxygen in order to treat patients suffering from asthma. Later, the details of the curious system were made known by a Cuban medical board.

A staunch apologist for knowledge, he taught young people and those who wanted to learn. It is said that he was the one who taught Cubans how to think. Protagonist of the formation of the Cuban nation fought for the modernization of teaching on the island. It is said that the chair to which he belonged was named, “Freedom of Human Rights”. When he travels to Spain as a deputy of the Spanish government in Cuba, he faces King Felipe II, for his aggressive and humiliating stance against the peninsula. Later he is persecuted and then condemned to death. He fled to the United States, settled in Philadelphia and that is where the newspaper “El Habanero” was born. It is considered as the first revolutionary manifestation of journalistic character among Cubans. He called them to take care of the fate of the country and to operate with energy to be free. In addition to carrying out a pastoral work that definitively forges his character and spiritual maturity.

From Father Varela we can say a lot, make a broad dissertation of historical elements that characterize him as a Saint and a fighter for the freedom of men, but I only want to highlight some of his virtues, call the struggle to many of the Cubans who today they do not find a way to do it, for different reasons, and to pay tribute to those who persist in the battle at this moment.

Felix Varela is a living example of sacrifice to defend the rights of Cubans, because as a modest man he abandoned all his benefits to take on the insurrectional work. Today still exceptional men emerge, who give their lives to see their beloved land free of tyrants. There are in Cuba. Everyone who confronts the police body bare-chested without interest in their freedom, all recognition and admiration. There is the true quarry of courageous heroes. Men without fear, determined to find a way out of their struggle.

Outside we are all those who left because of pressure, fear or opportunities, but we also fight from free countries that give you that great opportunity to express yourself and say what you think. Opportunity that your country denies you, which should be willing for its people to openly state their ideas and in that sense seek solutions to realities that the Cuban lives. Unfortunately, all desire is broken by prohibitions and regulations that strangle you or suffocate you. Thats the reality. But as said that great Cuban thinker Felix Varela. “When it comes to the homeland, give everything, that the word of God is the light that illuminates the way.”

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