How to evaluate a Website

How to evaluate a Website - Tecnología

How to evaluate a Website?

Evaluating Internet Content

  • It is important to judge, its accuracy and to establish that the information comes from a reliable and appropriate sources. 

Why is it important to evaluate internet content?

  • So that we can find trustworthy information.

Aspects to consider evaluating a page


  • Audience


  • Who is the website’s future audience? Academics? The public? School children?
  • Does it suitably talk the goal audience?
  • Is it related to your project or investigation?


  • Authority


  • Is the author identified? If the author has designated to remain anonymous, ask yourself ‘why?’
  • Is the author a person you distinguish as skilled in his field?
  • If not, is there sufficient information provided to start the author’s credibility?
  • Is she qualified to write about the subject?
  • Can you find orientations to her elsewhere?
  • Is the author associated with an academic institution or reliable organization?

If the information is part of a paper or other online newspaper, you should try to establish the authority of that publication:

  • Is the name of the publication clear?
  • Are contact details and ‘about’ information provided?
  • Do you recognize the name of the publisher?
  • Does it look like a professional publication?
  • Is there associated branding?
  • Is the publication referenced away?



  • Accuracy


  • Is it free from spelling errors?
  • Is the text well written and grammatically correct?
  • Has the content been through an editing process or been peer reviewed?
  • Has the author included a bibliography?
  • Are the sources cited reliable and can they be confirmed elsewhere?
  • Are research methodologies adequately clarified?


  • Objectivity


  • Does the author present objective advice or make it clear when he is expressing biased opinions?
  • Are other points of view explored?
  • Is it a personal website? Does it express personal opinions?
  • Is the website part of a commercial organisation, a political party or an organisation with a specific agenda? If yes, question the motives for publishing the information.
  • Does the website promote a biased viewpoint?


  • Currency


  • Can you tell when the information was published?
  • Is the information up to date?
  • How frequently is the website updated?
  • Are the links up to date and working?


  • The URL


Look at the URL (web address) of the website. The domain name can help you establish if the information has been published by a credible source.

For example:

You still need to apply the same criteria mentioned above to establish reliability, and don’t forget to check the information is up to date.


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