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«The drought problem is terrible»

Bagamoyo town kids, in Tanzania, have a very thoughtful election to do: Drink water and get sick or still thirsty.
The extreme drought that the country are living due to the every time more rarely rainfall make that the water in the region get more and more salty. Worst is the fact that, the very few water that can be found in the place are so dirty that only produces health issues as headaches, stomachache and gastric ulcers.
The United Nations Environmental department and the local children testimonies shows that the people living in Bagamoyo the most of time don’t drink a drop o f water from the morning to the evening. «Sometimes I have headaches and my body feel so weak» said Kingani, a young girl from a local school, to Ismat Hassan, a doctor that travels from Tanzania capital to the community for give medical attention and try to stop the health consequences due to the drought as dehydration, typhoid and more related stomach infections.
The issue is trying to resolve by applying some technology in schools for get the rainfall water, purify it and store it. Because that the United Nations Environmental department had mobilized a huge program for get drinkable water for the community.
Perhaps this, the climate change consequences are every day more visible and with the time lapse, the Bagamoyo people get more afraid about the real drought season that is on the way.
The Africa’s coast cities and zones are feeling the extreme force of the natural disasters. From the sea level rising to the sea warming, all the Africa’s coast are getting every day more dangerous to the people that live there. And Cape City have the worst scenario possible, with two consecutive years with an imminent total shortage of water.
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