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I´m venezuelan inmigrant and how all you know my country is passing for a really bad situation right now.  So many families are separate because had to leave their houses looking for a better future and opportunities.

I will take this space fot tell you my story…

This  happened to me three years ago.  My husband came to the United States four months before and he was working very hard.  When I took the decision to come too, was very difficult for me, I had to say good bye to all my family at the airport. my parents were crying and my sister was very sad.  I took  the airplane and felt rare,  half happy and half sad, It was my first time  traveling alone.

Leave your confort zone is not easy, and less when you have to speak another lenguage, But is not impossible. step by step you feel more confortable with yourself and can have little conversations with the people. Also discover a new world that you did not know.


If you are worry abut your career, I understand. Is not easy work in so many areas that you dont know how to do it, is there when the venezuelan have shown their strong and passion for be better persons.

While we walk for this difficult way are thinking  when Venezuela will back to be a beautiful and happy country.. When we come back there?. So many questions around our mind all the time. Only God know.

Now, we still fighting for reach our goals day after day. Trying to involve us in this new culture and even a new weather.  Every morning when wake up take the time for say: Thank you Jesus for all your blessings, and because until here you have helped me.

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