Nana, The Little Goat. A Poem For One Of My Daughthers Who Inmigrate.

Nana, The Little Goat. A Poem For One Of My Daughthers Who Inmigrate. - Literatura




I have a little goat,

Nana is her name,

She rubs every morning

Like she is burning in flames.


Is difficult to follow her

She cannot be stop!

She moves all around

She runs until the top!


“Nana, come back here!”

Every morning you can heard.

Is like she is trying

To fly as a bird!


She can stay next to the cows,

She can jump whit the frogs!

Sage can run behind the sheep

Trying barking like a dog!


When she feels a little tired

She lies down near the flowers,

Sometimes I think she is hiding

How much she misses her Valley.


She was born in a little place

Where the wind kisses your face.

Close the mountains, close the beach

In a land full of grace.


Nana family crises the ocean

Looking for a healthy grass

Everything looks so different,

Everything in this new land.


She adapted to the seasons,

With the cold winter snow.

She jumps on leaves autumn

And rest in summer hot.


She is healthy, she is happy

She can make a lot of things.

She is so busy all the time,

Specially in Spring.


But when the sun is coming down

And the day is almost gone,

On her bed she is liens down

Having dreams about home.


And the next early morning

When the new day begin

“Nana, come back here!

You will be listening again!


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Rosa León Fandiño

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