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Seeing Time Through Photographs

Seeing Time Through Photographs - Cine y Televisión

The next photograph (img 1) is a self portrait by Andrea Villalon, mexican photographer known by her performance “Quiero Ver Como Tu Ves” (I want to see the way you see), a project made with the designer and tattoo artist Carla Escareño. In this portrait we can see the artist and a sign. In this sign we can read the text “ ES 2018 Y TENGO 22 AÑOS” (It’s 2018 and I’m 22 years old). This photograph is part tradition, part record and document of her aging and the state of her life through that year in particular. I find this specific work interesting and valuable, such as the intention behind the act of making the photograph is to preserve a document of the own image, and have images that can help us to compare and contrast all the changes that the artist went through the year. With this action, we grow and connect with the memory. We are able to question ourselves; how did I look when I was that age? How much I change every year? Am I conscious of my own mortality? How many memories I have lost because there is no document of them? Andrea Villalon in this act of creation holds a memory of her own existence, and produce this images as document but also as an act of resistance against time and oblivion. A similar project is the chronological work of Nicholas Nixon, “The Brown Sisters” wich is a document of the pass of time and the relationship of his wife and her sisters. This kind of work, Villalon and Nixon’s comes with an expiration date, that will be conditioned by the life itself. And serves as a challenge that stand in front of the shadow of the dead and impermanence. And even when the images can work as documents, the act itself of making them can be seen as an aesthetic act.

img 1

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