Something funny happened to me in Nigeria.

Something funny happened to me in Nigeria. - Sociedad

Since yesterday  my video number 10 is available.

As you know in my channel you can learn Spanish and also practice your English if that is the case. All the material is bilingual.

Every Monday we will have the lesson video, last Monday  was about the numbers, how to learn the numbers in Spanish. And on Wednesdays is about culture, tips, anecdotes. The video number ten is about what happened to me in Nigeria trying to understand the numbers. Many funny things happened to me in all the countries in Africa I been before, also in England too.

please watch my videos, subscribe to my channel, send me an email asking for the material I have and you will participate in a raffle. The raffle is 30 minutes video tutoring where you can ask all your doubts about how to learn Spanishbor English, also Portuguese and German if you want.

Theycare many opportunities to learn a new language, you don’t need to write the language if you don’t want to, but is very nice if you can comunícate in many different la gauges, and believe me that will improve your social life and also your career.

what ever is  reason because you want to learn a new language, for travel, reads, understand and sing songs, Wachovia movies without subtitules, a better job, a career abroad, make new friends, find the love, keep away the Alzahaimer or dementia, what ever is the reason is a good decistion to take the time to do it. So, don’t wait more.

See you on YouTube.


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