Spanish is in fashion. El español está de moda.

Spanish is in fashion. El español está de moda. - Sociedad

Do you know how many people speak Spanish? Over 500.000 millions!!!

If you don’t think this is a good reason to learn Spanish I will tell you on my video the five principal reasons why now, in 2019, people is trying  to learn this beautiful language.

Right now in United Kingdom The British Councils Institute finished an investigation in High Schools to find out the students are choosing Spanish as a second language and also they are studying a lot for their IGCSE Spanish test  so the result can help them to apply for Spanish language at college. In consequence colleges are opening more Spanish second language sections and closing some French class.

Let’s continue talking about this on my channel with my video and please, if you have any doubt do not hesitate to ask, I will answer as soon I can with my best intention to help you with Spanish.

I invite you to check on my channel. I am a Venezuelan migrant who is working very hard to open a space where I can share what I know about languages and culture and also continue learning because I will always learn something new still I can breath.
So, please watch the video and also find others videos there you could enjoy and if you like subscribe and share, that will help me and my work. Thanks in advance.

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