The importance of knowledge when giving your opinion

The importance of knowledge when giving your opinion - Sociedad

¿What is the opinion?

The opinion, is a point of view, is a tendency, preference or even a real or stimulated inclination of a society towards facts that generate great importance.

Public opinion has been predominant when it comes to issues of great interest such as economics, politics, religion, human rights and violence.

Sometimes, talking about these issues can be controversial since the different points of view that each person has can find each other and form a great debate which can generate all kinds of feelings and emotions by having each person defend themselves and sword his point; we are so passionate about an issue that we intend to impose our judgment on it trying to make the counterpart change its mind regardless of whether it agrees, or not or if we have the reason or not, in some cases we form a war of opinions that ends up doing feel bad to those who disagree and we can generate what I call a verbal violence not only in the streets you see violence.

We live in a world where we find different points of life, different ways of thinking, a great diversity of cultures and religions. In these times; We all believe that we are right in X or Y case we investigate it, they told us or we lived it, we all talk about what we know or think we know and we end up being right or just becoming great ignorant people talking about a specific topic pretending or boasting an indocto knowledge that only shows how lacking in culture we can be. It is not bad to defend an opinion when we have full knowledge of the subject because we can come to argue with solid foundations our position and perhaps, not in all cases make the other party change their mind or rethink their position.

The opinion is therefore the great exhibitor of free will and free expression, it is a great weapon that can help build or destroy people and societies, so it is good that before giving your opinion or point of view of instructions to give the best .



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