Thousand Reasons To Fight

Thousand Reasons To Fight - Política

When we know the origins of human beings, we realize that we went through many stages. Obligatoryly, the man must have been, first of all, a scavenger before being a hunter or gatherer. Intelligence must develop through conflicts, situations that compromise a good part of your existence. At present we know a lot about the struggles that have led the nations to a very important development; like Germany, China and other countries mainly of Europe.
In these places life is extremely comfortable, it seems as if it has always been like this. Many comment that the conditions are created so that the citizen lives without tensions. But a question is imposed. Was a great revolution necessary for this to happen? All states have had one way or another to engage in a social conflict, commitments that generate solutions and improvements for the citizen. We can even affirm categorically that all have had to reach agreements between the parties, the state and the people. It is the same challenge that our ancestors went through in order to learn a trade that would allow them to improve their lives. So we are not totally wrong if we say that human beings struggle to exceed their expectations from their own emergence.
But why do we do this analysis? We will not make firewood of the fallen tree, we make ashes, At present our nations are being literally finished, without social guarantees, freedoms are conditioned by regimes, violence reigns, corruption and an overdose of food needs and other precariousness. If we analyze the previous paragraphs we have commented that those developed nations faced conflicts that generated improvements. So. Is it a necessity to embark on a path of prosperity social conflicts? I say yes. Both Venezuela, Nicaragua and Cuba need to start that stage. Their governments have perpetuated themselves in power indefinitely, they no longer respond to the interests of the majority, it is just an unjustified whim. Everything has changed. The working class has always been the most exploited in totalitarian systems. Today we live conflicts in these places. Most complainers are poor who need some good. And they will be wrong those people who prefer to face a tyranny bare-chested, many do not see their claims achieved by being barbarously murdered by militaries armed to the teeth.
We see a president justify that everything is organized from the USA. And the lack of food, theft, violence and corruption is also organized from that state? We can not tolerate such infamy, We must denounce this fact at all levels.
In Cuba, there is a level of tolerance to the state that is well below the recommended standard. What are the reasons? These are repeated, The difference is that they are always under the protection of neighbors. The Cuban state became a social parasite long ago, depending on others, however, it does not manage to exploit that good that it has, which is the preparation of the citizen, its entrepreneurial motivations, its intellectual development, and above all, very human and solidary. These are values that we can not deny of the Cuban and why not of the majority of Latin Americans. There is no government that covers social needs, they are committed to defending a system that causes discontent, inequality,

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