Three black holes detected colliding

Three black holes detected colliding - Ciencia

Three black holes detected colliding

It has been at the Chandra X-ray Observatory, where a ternary system with three supermassive black holes has been detected in a titanic collision of three galaxies. Something really amazing.

An astrophysicist at George Mason University in Fairfax who was looking for binary black hole systems, found himself by chance with this unusual and unusual situation.

Three black holes in collision had never been detected, although binary systems had been detected, with two black holes in the process of collision, such as the case of the binary system SDSS J084905.51 + 111447.2, detected by the SDSS Sloan Digital Sky Survey, which performs a large-space scan of space from New Mexico.

Two black holes colliding had already been detected before

It has been observed for a long time the collision of galaxies, of two galaxies, and what happens with those collisions, the supermassive black holes that are in the center of each galaxy also collide, but this fact is historical, because there are three.
It is thought that this will affect accelerating the fusion of black holes, since, in many cases the binary collision does not end up merging even though they are relatively close, but in the case of three, it is estimated that the older one will end up swallowing another, with the energy provided by the third party.

NASA research co-author Shobita Satyapal explains that “double and triple black holes are extremely rare, but they are, in reality, a natural consequence of galaxy mergers, which we believe is the way galaxies grow and evolve ”

One more day we get spectacular news of the universe and black holes. Incredible news and events that demonstrate that astrophysics is a booming science, and with great popularity today. It keeps us hooked expectantly to the fabulous new news they will tell us. From the first image of the black hole in M87 I have not been able to stop drinking all the information about black holes and the universe.

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Se detectan tres agujeros negros colisionando


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