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«Even if they are heroes»

 Greetings to all. Dedicated to men and women who represent any unit in the US government…   A developed country where any citizen of that country. It has the best education in the world. So is. Men and women prepared to face any situation. That’s part of belonging to the ranks of the US government. Many of them have come and gone in different raids…
They are heroes for their country and another part of the world.
Military intervention to Venezuela. In many parts of the world in particular Venezuela hopes that the government of Donald trump,
To free her from the make-up dictatorship…
I think it would be unfair that that men and women, make that incursion.
Since what happens in Venezuela is the fault of the Venezuelan people, because a part of the people are silenced by something that uses the so-called revolution to manipulate many people.
Ask to request that this intervention that North Americans die to liberate a town that has a little fault of what happens does not seem to me.
20 years since former President Hugo Chávez sowed the parasite of socialism.
The failed model that had already led other countries to misery, now we were placed as laboratory rats, to test the result equal to other misery and more misery.
Men and women, girls and boys. That if they are heroes for their country and even for the people of Venezuela that there is a hope for freedom, for their preparation for their technology for their courage…
But they have someone who loves them to worry, it will hurt to see that soldier dying. If you feel proud but the same hurts because you physically will not be.
Only God will know when the people of Venezuela will be free of all this injustice…

These heroes are the hope of many peoples and the pride of their nation…


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