Traducida a inglés – exigir                                                                                          «Demand”

Traducida a inglés – exigir                                                                                          «Demand” - Sociedad



Traducida a inglés – exigir





How are you doing…

Greetings to my followers demand.

It is not asking, it is not begging … it is not waiting for another to be able to.

It is to speak, to converse, to talk in a decisive and firm way, energetically, to demand, that the other person or counterpart understand and understand that he must change or comply with an agreement already agreed…

Not all but if some citizens of the people of Venezuela have fallen into a serious error that did not require and do not require the government has been present for 20 years .

that the politicians and military of the so-called revolution have only led the country to misery, they have dedicated themselves only to steal and steal and defacers the country its institutions and resources. When a person does not matter where in the world he is…

Hiring a person for a job and this does not comply with the contract is withdrawn dismissed.

What happened in Venezuela…

I think that the politicians and the military took over the country. They forget that they are public employees and now they think of themselves as oligarchic kings. Warlords…

To demand that those who do not comply with their work resign to dismiss the politician and the military. They do not own the country they were chosen as employees and if they have not fulfilled their work.

It is necessary to demand his resignation, not an employee of the care, not the owners of the country.





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