Traducida a inglés – una cruel realidad «A cruel reality

Traducida a inglés – una cruel realidad «A cruel reality - Sociedad



Traducida a inglés –  una cruel realidad



«A cruel reality»



The cruel reality of the people of Venezuela.

The last days has taken hope with the appearance of Mr. Juan Guaido…

But the reality that they are only promises and words since the reality about the country continues to be worse and worse.

A people hopeful in a liberator and that a country is going to liberate it has become for some a hope for others only political words pretty about more pretty words that have not given a real solution for the country.

The exit for the Venezuelans to emigrate, because to continue in the country is not easy thing the days pass and everything getting worse…

The hope that they will liberate him is now only a myth that is something far from reality.

The reality is that if the people do not react in search of that freedom it will not come.

And only the days will continue to pass the months and years and so on.


About 20 more years…

The first step is to accept that the country economically is not good at all. Since there are people blinded by «a ranch on their heads». What a pitiful mind they have in their heads that they excuse the government…

They keep on showing that a liberator will appear and the liberator is in each one of the people who are in Venezuela.


The representatives of the government increasingly rich and powerful and the people in misery.

Instead of ensuring the functioning of the country and its institutions, its public services.

In short these politicians and military the government is excused with a political and economic war the reality that money has been spent only on them…



That the country has buried the country in misery the hope is still present but the reality is that they are only myths.

20 years already. The more that happens … whatever the politician, whatever the liberator is, and the important thing is that it not only becomes words but facts…




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