Traducido a inglés – la apertura del Corán –introducción                                                                                      «The opening of the Koran»

Traducido a inglés – la apertura del Corán –introducción                                                                                      «The opening of the Koran» - Sociedad



Traducido a inglés – la apertura del Corán –introducción

«The opening of the Koran»






A pleasure to greet you…

Directed to the Latin American public, and therefore this effort to translate the Koran to achieve a text that faithfully reflects the spirit and original messages, completing the existing translations and expanding them…

You are welcome

The world faces very serious problems that, with the instability of the current global economic system, become increasingly complex and profound. Inequality, hunger, internal conflicts. The collapse of family and traditional values ​​etc.

They make the search for options more and more urgent…

And Islam has many concepts to contribute.

The islan is not limited to a belief in almighty God, and religious religious and moral standards.

It is a way of life that shows us how to build ourselves as individuals and as families…

As businesses, and as creatures that are part of nature, how to live in peace in the middle of diversity and ethnic groups, beliefs and traditions…

How to impart justice and ensure a dignified life for the members of society…

With security and fairness.

How to develop a civilization that does not destroy the environment and is not dehumanizing, but instead promotes the healthy growth of people and communities.

In the physical as well as in the spiritual, in harmony with the creation and the creator oh Allah…

That which made it possible for the great Islamic civilization to emerge in less than a century is still alive and well today.

And its primary source the Koran…

May God be of benefit to many people who bring light and good news to the heart..

And whoever reads it and who reminds us that we belong to him oh Allah…


And may God bless you and reward each of your efforts…


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