Traducido a inglés – presten atención                                                                                 PAY ATTENTION

Traducido a inglés – presten atención                                                                                 PAY ATTENTION - Sociedad






Traducido a inglés – presten atención



One of my biggest concerns is a parasite that is slowly forming Islam around the world…

As everyone who has studied Islam is more a religion is a state. A government

That many people around the world have been conquered, and I could say that it is taking a lot of position in Latin America and Caribbean countries.

Remember that this is the beginning of the so-called revolution in Venezuela, the former president Chaves planted the parasite of the socialist model in the failed model country and now look at the consequences of all the problems the co untry is facing.

Islam is taking a lot of position in the world and a lot of place in the Latino communities.

They will remember me when all these mosques in the world begin to want to use their followers to be able to demand a creation of an Islamic state in the world because they are positioned because my beloved government has not been aware that this other parasite is forming in silence worldwide.

And if this continues to happen it is going to make a great eminent danger for the USA.

I keep trying hidden spying on this parasite. In Venezuela and Colombia.

With the Muslims of Egypt that I have come across, these are young boys who only pray to convert people to Islam.

But as everything today is presented in this way and then that monster removed its claws.

You have to be sincere, the United States is a great nation but it has left different characters they formed and their ideas as happened with Venezuela an eminent problem in 1998 but instead of eliminating it they let it flourish and so many others.

Anything wrong done in the world affects the US,

Imagine how worried I am with the growth of the Islamic state, hidden in the Muslim religion.











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