White Ladies

White Ladies - Política

In the world there are more than 20 feminist organizations that carry out some type of claim, they with courage ask, beg and demand their presidents answers about events of disappearance, murder or imprisonment of their children or another relative. In Cuba, after the aggressions of the regime in its attempts to control and silence the opposition, a series of summary criminal proceedings have been unleashed, manipulated by the Attorney General’s Office, added to illegal imprisonments and aggressions against members of peaceful opposition movements. . Out of all these arbitrariness came the Ladies in White movement, made up of women whose relatives or friends were in prison. Later this group was organized and took a decisive political position within the opposition. Their banner of struggle are their ideas, courage and a flower that they wield in their hands to demonstrate the peacefulness of their demands.
They fearlessly travel anywhere in Cuba demanding the freedom of political prisoners imprisoned by the dictatorship, unjustly detained for saying what they feel or simply thinking differently from a regime that controls and humiliates them.
There are many events that point to them as brave and brave. In their bodies they watch with bitterness samples of the actions of the tyrant, injuries, wounds and bruises provoked by the agents in the service of the political police that in many cases have left sequels for a lifetime. As a combat flag they carry the words of our José Martí in his mind and heart when he said:
“The campaigns of the peoples are only weak when they do not enlist the heart of a woman; but when the woman shudders and helps, when the shy and quiet woman in her natural, animates and applauds, when the cultured and virtuous woman anoints the work with the honey of her affection, the work is invincible. ”
The wise words are defended with courage, each step, action or initiative is played by these lionesses with a shout of: Al Combate. The imprisoned relatives and friends know that their claims will be heard by the rogue and corrupt tyrant who attacks with sadism against those who contradict him.
There are many countries that support this organization of women human rights defenders in Cuba, others ignore them. In reality, it is a task that embodies an iron will for those who belong to this apparently weak genre. Their captors take advantage and attack with force and excessive force. Many have had to go into exile for fear of being imprisoned. From Bertha Soler, to the last of the Ladies deserve full support and gratitude for their bravery and courage.

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